Heya peeps.

Welcoming you to the first blog of mine ever. I never imagined myself writing a post while studying in a design college but anyway here I am struggling with my blog and hoping this is the final draft and I will be able to hit the “Publish” button for the first time again!

Bit clueless while drafting this, nevertheless don’t want my readers to be clueless too. ( I already like the way “my readers” sound).

So here I am to pen down the entire journey I undertook during a class assignment. As a student of a design college, I have been asked to pick an art form from the world around and research it diligently, meticulously and religiously till I have learnt everything nuance about it. Also, I will document the entire journey here on this blog too (again, part of the assignment).

So, before deciding on the art form, we happened to visit couple of places in Delhi.

For the very first time I went to Delhi Haat equipped with a pen and a notebook and not carrying any shopping bags and money. I interacted with the vendors of the market by not just inquiring about the prices but also the nitty gritty of the products. I enquired them about the entire production process and many more relevant questions pertaining to technicalities of their products. I couldn’t draw their seriousness towards my queries but did enough to get some good tips towards my research. Having visited and looking at all the handicrafts available over there, I realized that Bandhani is something which appeals me the most.

I love the way simple tying techniques create magic on fabric and suddenly, a pale, unattractive piece of cloth turns in a splash of beautiful vibrant colors. I love everything about Bandhani-the technique, the transformation, the colors—it breathes life whenever it is applied. Apart from my fondness towards it, bandhani looked to be an extensive subject and scope also looks wide enough for me to give a kick start. I zeroed in Bandhani as I’m sure going forward I’ll have ample scope to work on this project. Also this subject looks comprehensive and it’s acceptance in Indian ethnic market is quite exciting for me to deep dive and take this up.

If you feel in the same way about bandhani, do drop in again to read some more exciting facts about the same in my upcoming posts.


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